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Tunes to Check Out

Gracing Soundcloud this month…

My Pleasure, aka Lewis Young, writes some of the most comical lyrics in Hull. Honest and thought-provoking, his songs portray the average trials of an average man. Performing with a guitar and his IPad, he shares his observational comedy through song. Latest track to appear on Soundcloud, ‘Haircuts’ features a mixture of spoken and sung lyrics over a pulsing bass beat. Lyrics which cover the topic of haircuts – those of The Beatles and One Direction – and hair colourings, and their influence on the world.

The last of the tracks from La Bête Blooms’ self-titled EP, and the one which has concluded many of their sets. My favourite of their tracks, ‘All For You’ is one of their slower songs – though just as beastly and loud in parts. The introductory music sweeps over you like a tranquil lake, before Dan Mawer’s vocals speak soothingly to you. And just as you feel completely absorbed by the sound, the drums cut in and bring everything up a step. I can’t listen to this song without seeing Mawer storm the crowd and stage, tipping over mic stands just as he did when I first saw the band perform during their EP launch tour. I can’t promise that listening to the track will have the same effect on you, unless you were in the back room of Fruit on that same night, but I am sure that you will hear the same beauty as I do in these lyrics.

They’ve also released the track ‘Patsy Cline’ recently on Soundcloud, but this is probably my favourite of The Evil Litter’s tunes. I have no idea what the lyrics are on about, but it’s a tune which gets you moving even if you’ve absolutely no energy at all. It starts with a catchy drum beat, layered with guitar and then Claire Scott’s hypnotic vocals. Catchy and kinaesthetic, this is a top tune by a fantastic local band.

Stephen Fry tweet - Toy Horses

I love a Welsh band. Often just their being Welsh is enough to turn my attention their way, but I was alerted to Toy Horses via a tweet typed by the fingers of Stephen Fry. Shortly after becoming his “new favourite indie band”, they became mine. Their first single ‘Interrupt’ is
one of my favourite indie tracks to date, and this month they have released the track ‘Lovesong’ on Soundcloud, stating that it’s “not even a demo!”