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The First One – an EP by Mark Rowland

I first met Mark in an art gallery. He told me he had an EP coming out soon.

It is now out.

The First One EP cover

Of course, I’d heard the name: social media does that to you, gives you a tonne of information which is logged somewhere randomly in your brain ready for that equally random moment when you’ll need it. And it was when I heard one of the tracks on this EP that I realised I had also heard his voice at an open mic night which Mark was hosting.

“I got my guitar, and I know how to use it”

The first track of his first EP – aptly named ‘The First One’ – is entitled ‘Just Another Nerdy Kid’. It starts off which opens with a rather upbeat Samba-esque sound. I guess now that geek-chic is a fashion statement not to be mocked, such a topic is one for celebration. It’s a fantastic way to step into his music, introducing the four-track EP with flair and excitement. The lyrics are nice and simple, the meaning clear, with a catchy chorus I can picture people singing at his gigs.

His lyrics and voice are easily comparable to Ed Sheeran: a charming voice which comforts you, pleasantly taking your hand and guiding you through the music. With his powerful guitar and the backing drums, the instruments balance this without taking over in any way. Track three reflects a very similar sound to some of Sheeran’s acoustic pieces, demonstrating a sound which is both relaxing and exciting. You can dance to these tracks or have them on in the background as a soundtrack to whatever activity you’re supposed to be paying more attention to.

“I don’t need your sympathy, coz when I fall like the sun I will rise again”

The topics of the lyrics are of the everyday thoughts: fears of society’s perspective; the weekly slog to that one night which has no alarm clock signalling its end; that need to simply feel that everything is all right.

It is this sentiment which is explored in the second track, ‘It’s Alright’. It has a love song vibe when opening – a classic sound which never fails to remind me of the 90s – a love song which reflects on a range of situations. The instruments lured me into those emotions, but separate the lyrics from the instruments and you can relate this to any time in which you’ve needed to hear those words.

Track four is a solemn track. Simply named ‘I’, the lyrics tie the entire track together: referring to the man the “nerdy kid” wishes to be. This track showcases all of Mark’s vocal talents, demonstrating the emotion almost entirely through his voice, supported by instruments but working stunningly in the acoustic setting.

I can highly advise that you download this EP. It is available in its entirety from Soundcloud and Last.FM. If you’ve ever enjoyed even one Ed Sheeran song, then you will love Mark’s sound. Music which speaks to the everyday guy, to the everyday relationship.

Simply beautiful.

Originally written for Browse Magazine Hull.