Tunes to Check Out

Check out these new tracks from Hull bands, featured now on Soundcloud:

Superfast and super-loud, ‘Go Go Go’ is the one LIFE song I’ve so far failed to learn the lyrics to at their live gigs. It opens with a heavy set of drums and guitars, before the lyrics cut in. You’ll be glad to know that there are some slower parts, and you will be able to join in with the line “Oh no, I gotta go” from which we can only assume the title was developed.

This is the ideal tune for mid-set in a LIFE show, energetic and aggressive with moments in which you can catch your breath. And, if you are going to try and sing along, you’ll need those moments!

BABIES are holding their EP launch this Thursday at the Adelphi, performing a hometown gig towards the end of their tour. ‘Beach Date (When Yr Dead)’ is the first track on the EP; a slow and seductive tune which summarises their sound for me. Indie-rock meets surf-punk, they tease you with their sombre tune, before hurling catchy lyrics at you.

Alongside ‘Sink’ and ‘Teeth’, this tune is the less catchy and does not kick you with quite the colourful language as the title track.

And last in my list is something completely new. The only track featured on the Soundcloud page for this mysterious ensemble.

Boundaries of Us’ is the first track released by Assembling Languages. A thoroughly electric tune with guitars looping over guitars. An upbeat tune with sombre lyrics, this is one which gets you moving subconsciously. I dare you not to sing along as the backing vocals repeat the word “Pull” behind the final verses.

Previously, I would have been ignorant and obnoxious enough to cast this tune aside, simply stating that it wasn’t to my taste. But there’s something captivating about it; after just one listen, I found myself singing it aloud down the street.

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