Showing Some Love For Coaves

I’ve been talking about these guys a lot recently. To anyone who’ll listen.

It’s not simply because I’ve been doing some work with them recently – they’ll feature on the cover of Browse Magazine this week. Quite honestly, I just have a lot to say about them.

Coaves at the Sesh  Photo by Luke Hallett
Coaves at the Sesh
Photo by Luke Hallett

Coaves are a band of four lively lads, who create a sunny rock sound which is quickly gets you moving. With three strong singers, their vocals are something completely different to what a lot of bands offer. Add to that their musical talents (we can’t forget Connor on drums, who Alan Raw described as one of the best drummers in Hull), and you’ve got an awful lot to shout about.

Tomorrow, they are hosting their single launch for new track ‘Waves’, held at the Adelphi and for a mere cost of £3. They admitted that the track sounds somewhat like another of their singles, ‘Change Your Mind’, but this one offers even more layers of sound and Jon Calvert, lead vocalist, has to work hard to sing some of the lines very quickly. Chatting with Alan Raw on BBC Introducing this Saturday, they noted the additional layer of sound through use of clapping on the track, with Calvert referring to himself as “singer, guitarist and clappist”. This is rather subtle on the track, but a great addition to their animated live sets.

Performing on BBC Introducing Humberside
Performing on BBC Introducing Humberside

Playing every gig like it’s packed, Coaves have gained a reputation for putting on a good show. Their last gig saw them supporting Pigeon Detectives, alongside The Hubbards, and they opened the night with a whirlwind of sound and enthusiasm.

It is their energetic style which gained my interest in the first place, and it is their flair and excitement that has me hooked. It’s not just on stage or in the studio that these guys demonstrate their enthusiasm; they’re just bouncing all the time. The banter during rehearsals is ongoing. During the set up at BBC Introducing, which I was fortunate enough to be witness to, Connor was granted several nicknames by the other lads – the teasing of good friends, which they were comfortable to share.

Attempting a serious pose
Attempting a serious pose

I was there as a member of Browse, interviewing the band for the cover feature, alongside one of our fantastic photographers, Chris Pepper, who had the task of taking several shots. Our main issue was simply to get them to take a serious shot. Chortling through the customary ‘stand in a row and look somewhat moody’ pose, we had to consider alternatives. It was neither Chris nor myself who guided this however, as Liam suggested they do a superhero shot and then they ended up behind the café counter, preparing to serve us imaginary drinks and soup.

Taking on a different role
Taking on a different role

I’m often asked who the best bands in Hull are. When I say that I’m a music writer, or mention Browse, it’s one of the first things people often question. My generic response is, “As with my students, I do not have favourites…” of which everyone knows is ridiculously sarcastic (I have favourite students, and I have favourite bands – I’m not great at hiding either of these facts). But then I’ll rush into a list of wonderful performers, and then into a list of those who are just simply wonderful. Not just for their music, but because their personalities shine.

I guess that was the purpose of this blog post. I should probably be writing a last minute preview for their single launch event. But as I sat to write their brief bio for Browse this week, I felt the urge to write more.

Coaves single launch

Why do I love Coaves? Why are they one of my top 10 Hull bands? Because they are everything I love about the Hull music scene. They’re lively lads with infinite enthusiasm, who take their music seriously but not themselves. They’re a good laugh to be around, making time slip quickly by as you join in with the silly moment which arise around them. They’re genuinely good guys who have a passion and a spirit which deserves to see them reaching those high goals.

So, a final plug for tomorrow’s event: for £3 you get a night of fantastic music from three fantastic bands, as well as free download of their new single ‘Waves’ exclusively released to those who attend.

And a final word: if you haven’t listened to their music yet, get on it!


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