New Year’s Eve in Hull

Still got no idea what you’re doing for New Years? With only just over a week to go, you need to be considering which ticket offers you the most for your money. Which event will offer you with the most explosive entry into 2015?

Here are the best three offers I could find, grouped together for your convenience.

Pros and Cons… well, there’s always a few of them.

Option #1: NYE at The Polar Bear

Polar Bear

With the Onion Club creating a mixed set of funk, jazz and soul, hosts of the weekly Sesh are proposing a very entertaining night. Resident DJs, if you’ve been to one of the events before, you’ll know it’s a funky night of vintage and sounds and music which gets you into a funky groove.

Pro: this is the cheapest of the nights out. Tickets are a mere fiver, which includes a free glass of fizz, and drinks at The Polar Bear are not overpriced. You can pick them up from the bar.

Con: no live music.

Option #2: Frootenanny


A fabulous wordplay in the popular Hootenanny celebrations of New Year’s Eve, I was instinctively drawn in. Add to that a fantastic line-up and the ability to walk to and from the venue (perhaps not a pro for yourselves, but certainly for me), and I’ll struggle to find a con.

An 18+ event which features a mixture of musical sounds, there’s something for everyone. A mash-up of easy listening from Joe Duncan and band, pop-rap from popular Nineties Boy, indie guitar tunes from The Holy Orders, punk-based ska from the electrifying Counting Coins, all topped off with a DJ set from the amazing Endoflevelbaddie.

Pro: so many amazing acts for a wonderful £6 (advance tickets are available from Hull Box Office).

Con: When really busy, Fruit can get a bit too much for me. People can just be too rude for such confined spaces. And I don’t want to see the New Year in covered in someone else’s booze and wishing to punch everyone who finds the need to walk between every conversation I’m having. Don’t get me wrong, I love the venue and I’ve never been disappointed at a gig there, but I do get frustrated with a significant amount of people who attend.


Option #3: Browse Mag Sessions #2: NYE

Browse Mag Sessions

Okay, okay, so it’s kind of obvious which of the three options I have offered you, I will be attending. But, hear me out.

The second instalment from Browse Magazine sees two bands and six DJs, offering a full bag of treats. Audio Subscene are headlining with Fronteers supporting: both offering indie tunes, one band quite new to the scene while the other has a secure following.

With six DJs, including a set from our charming editor Mike White, there will be music until 4 in the morning. Most exciting though, is the exclusive set from Steve Cobby, of Fila Brazillia fame. Truly a star-studded collection of local musicians.

A little more pricey than the other events – £7 for advance tickets available from here or £10 otd – we are offering a huge selection.

Pro: the platter of goodies I’ve already mentioned – which also features DJs Mike White, Tom Gibbins, Phil Green, Corey Barker and Alex Robinson.

Con: A few people have commented that they’d prefer 6 bands and 2 DJs. Initially, I agreed, but the DJs we have lined up are fantastic, and will ensure an energetic night of great music from Hull and beyond.

And finally, a few reminders.

Wherever you choose to spend New Year’s Eve, drink safely and consider those around you. Prebook that taxi and ensure nobody is left out in the cold. Remember, the way you start the year sets the year in motion!

Happy partying people.


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