The Walls – Now Rebel Sell

This is a moment of nostalgia.

I haven’t had a chance to see Rebel Sell perform yet this year. I missed them at Humber Street Sesh as I dashed home during the sudden downpour. They were due to play Sunday Sounds but this had to be cancelled. And tonight they play The Sesh, but I just can’t drag myself out on this school night.

But in a moment of procrastination, I stumbled across the first review I ever wrote of a Hull band. Before becoming Rebel Sell, the band were known as The Walls.

And these were my first words on the subject:

Described as a new Arctic Monkeys, this Hull & East Riding based four-piece brought an invigorating start to my day at Hull’s Freedom Festival. Staged in what appeared to be an empty garage, the scene was edgy and retro, much like the style the boys have adopted.

Naturally, this was always going to be a positive review of the 30minute set. Not only did I plan in the start of the cultural experience with their presence, but I dragged my mum to watch as well. This is the third time I’ve seen them live, and felt a little bit silly as I looked around and saw no-one else mouthing along with the words or so much as tapping their feet excitedly. Clearly, I had been too keen in order to get to the front; leaving other fans enjoying the sunshine beyond the outdoor bar.

So, what is it I like about these boys? Their sound isn’t massively original: hailed as being like so many great indie bands. They don’t look overly exciting – sorry guys – being simply four guys who appear to have got together through their passion for music. It’s not even that their lyrics smash into your soul and tear the emotions from your chest. It’s simply their presence and the clear joy they get from playing music. Matthew Dennison has a lovely voice, which flows into the audience like a fifth instrument. And when he isn’t singing, their instrumentals remind us of the days when bands got applauded for just simply playing the sweet joys of music.

Their song ‘Stones’, which they announced was available to purchase on CD, has, all the times I’ve seen them play, the ability to simply get you moving to the beat. In the claustrophobic confines of this small gig-holding, the bass ripped through you as Dennison and Paul Gay sang the ever-catchy chorus. I had started to feel like they were uncomfortable – which always makes me feel apprehensive at gigs, no matter how intimate or expansive – as there was little space to move around the stage and let the music drive them in the way their music does. However, through the power of this song, all four lads seemed to spark into a new life and entertain the crowd to their full ability.

Their next gig is only a few days away: part of the Sesh Warehouse Project, they are playing at the Linnet and Lark on Tuesday 6th September. If you have the chance or the time, I urge you to go and see them. They are what we all look for in a local young person’s band – playing for the love of music with all the gusto they can muster. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.


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