Take Off With Life

You see the word everywhere: life. The media is constantly telling us how to improve our life, as are our supermarkets, doctors and friends. Well, now, the media is also talking quite a bit about the band LIFE.

Life performing at Freedom Festival
Life performing at Freedom Festival

LIFE consists of Mez and his brother Mick, Loz and Rich. Though they have their clear roles on stage – Loz on bass, Mick on guitar, Rich on drums and Mez just about everywhere with as many microphones as he can carry – they are a clear unit, working as a band of brothers who love to make music together. Still considering themselves a new band, having officially formed only last year, they are humbled by the response they have received from live crowds over the last summer of festivals. It took only three songs to hook me, captivated by their natural presence on stage.


Since then, I have had more and more opportunities, sharing in some of the big moments the band have experienced. Headlining at Freedom Festival and sharing stages with Chicago’s Twin Peaks and Leeds’ Kaiser Chiefs, these guys have never stepped back and let others take the fire and determination which drives them. And it is with this power that they are building a vast collection of fans, with regular gigs in hometown Hull and in London.

The month of October was another turning point for the band, as they signed with Grand Jury and cast their nets across the pond. Now that singles Take Off With You and Money are available on ITunes in the US, they are sharing their live performance with audiences across the UK.

Nov Tour - Adelphi poster

November will be a busy one as the band take off on their 9-day tour, featuring visits to three Yorkshire towns. Four best friends, they’re looking forward to getting on the road and doing what they do best. Mez says “we love gigging” adding that when back to back in this manner “the adrenalin is almost double.” Leaving their day-jobs behind, they can get back to forging that bond with their audiences.

Having seen the band perform numerous times, to huge festival crowds and in more intimate venues, I can already feel the energy with which they take everywhere they go. Energetic really is the only adjective to describe their act – as visual a display as it is auditory. Mez will find every nook and cranny of the stage, filling it with sound and sweat as he wears the band’s name on the back of his leather jacket. In interviews, they have repeatedly said that a live performance is about that connection with the audience, and Mez will never finish a set without getting as close, if not into, the audience as possible. He shares a mic with the crowd, inviting them in with well-known songs such as the catchy tunes of In Citrus and the popular Crawling. Mick and Loz share the stage, criss-crossing and high-kicking as they play, with Rich, cushioned in the back of the stage behind his kit, adding to the powerhouse of enthusiasm. Equally, with new songs Go Go Go and Membership Man you can expect fast-paced energetic sounds.

LIFE fill any stage, and can still take on more. They’ve come across issues in the past, where technology has let them down, but nothing can slow them. They feed from the energy of the crowd and play every show as if it were their last, giving it all. You can see it in their every feature: the sweat dripping from their brows; the ferocity with which they play; and the spirited conversation with the audience.

Central to monumental times for a Hull-based band who aim to be a “leading light” for their community, which they describe as “the underdog which is sick of being labelled”, LIFE are peeling back the paintwork and getting into the purity of punk. They are a band who have put their lives into performing and creating music, and they are a sight which has to be seen. Rarely do I fall so quickly for a band the first time I see or hear them, but LIFE grabbed me by the collar and dragged me into their world.

Still young but so strong, this tour is a significant stepping stone in their musical career. Indeed, as soon as it is over, they head back to the London studio to continue recording in preparation for an eagerly anticipated album.

For your taste of LIFE, get yourself to the nearest venue and see for yourselves.

Nov Tour poster 1

Preview originally written for Yorkshire Gig Guide.


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