Hull Trinity Festival 2014

This week has been so crazy busy that I’ve only just had a chance to finish looking over all the photographs I took and even consider writing anything which wasn’t for Browse Magazine. So, instead of my usual review, I’m going to share some of the photos alongside a few words about the bands which made the weekend for me.

Young Jack started off Saturday, to a fragmented crowd of people who had just finished their lunch or were still eating it. They came on and filled every uninhabited space they could find with a powerful array in instruments. This was to become the theme of the weekend for me, as with each act different instruments seems to add to the list of Hull’s musical talent.

Young Jack
Young Jack

I’d seen Felony perform before at The Sesh, and when they stepped up onto this stage it seemed to drown them. Spread out across it, things just didn’t look right. But they came together perfectly, in sound and in performance as Ainley and Howell played to drummer Griffin, collecting into the centre of the stage before throwing themselves back out towards the audience.

Tom Skelly

I’d previewed, and have now reviewed, Tom Skelly for Browse as the act I was most looking forward to seeing perform. And he didn’t disappoint. Wall to wall of stunning sound as Skelly and the Salty Beards filled every second. What impressed me the most was simply how fast the guitar was played – it was exhilaratingly tiring to watch.

As always I was looking forward to seeing LIFE perform, and was excited at the prospect of Megany having her first experience of seeing them on stage. Another wonderful performance, with Mez coming right up us and singing into the crowd.

Sunday involved a few bands I knew less about: opening with the Shed Club and including my own first experiences of Dead Hormones and Pearls Cab Ride. It was weird to see Jacob Tillison, who I only associated with Black Delta Movement, up and about the stage. A good weird, but still very weird.

Fire: The Unstoppable Force
Fire: The Unstoppable Force

The first band to blow me away were Fire: The Unstoppable Force. These guys play true performance rock n roll and it was a wonderful experience to watch and join in with them as they played.

And the others were the much talked about The Talks, who were simply outstanding. I did not know the lead singer played saxophone, having heard a few songs from their EP and not really having researched them. It was perfect ska punk for me – with Will Chalk, who I knew played for another Hull ska band Counting Coins, on trumpet.

The weekend was a long one, but one I thoroughly enjoyed. I was camped at the front of the main stage for most of the two days, only really leaving to get a couple of snaps of the buskers using the KC Busk Stops and to grab some food. It left me with terribly sore feet, week-long tinnitus, and a heart full of pride and love for Hull.


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