Freedom Festival Headliners – LIFE


Having played a series of festivals this summer, Life showed great pride in performing as Freedom Festival headliners on Saturday night.

Starting off with their debut single “In Citrus”, the band tore the stage wide open with a loud clash of pop-punk tunes and recognisable lyrics, frothing the audience into bouncing bubbles of energy. And this is what this band does. All four members ignite on stage, with Rich pounding the drums behind shape-makers Loz, on bass, and Mick, on guitar. Mez, as the frontman and lead singer, takes all of the stage, and in previous gigs I’ve seen him extend the stage to join the audience. This band is about sharing their music and about enjoying every second of it.

Life pullquote 1The band recognise the importance of connecting with their audience. As well as the movement on stage, brother Mez and Mick speak out to the crowd. Between each song, Mez spoke with the audience, declaring themselves a Hull band and stating that “nobody knows it but Hull is a great place.” Freedom Festival is evidence of this, and with bands such as Life people visiting from outside of the city are reminded of this. When performing each song, they create a kinaesthetic whirlwind as Mick and Loz criss-cross the stage and Mez just puts himself wherever he wants to be, at one point stood on Rich’s bass drum facing away from the crowd and looking ready to topple at any point.


What makes this band such a fantastic headliner is that they don’t wind anyone down, keeping the energy of the festival at a high. Finishing with their current single “Take Off With You” does mean that one of their less fast-tempo songs ends the night, but then the guys come to the front and remind us of that edge-of-the-stage feeling.

Speaking with Mez afterwards, he said it was “an honour” to perform Freedom Festival, and certainly to take the headline slot. He feels that “Life is still a new band” so they are glad to be able to perform, identifying this as a special opportunity and a pleasure.

You can see them next perform in Hull on Saturday 27th September on the main stage at Trinity Festival or at the Adelphi on Thursday 6th November.

On Monday 8th September, the band announced their 10 day tour:

Life - Nov 2014 tour


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