Freedom Festivals Openers – Streaming Lights


Burnsy declared the Bridge stage open with the arrival of Streaming Lights, an electro indie/pop band with more energy than anyone in their audience. It was difficult not to feel bad for the band with a sparse audience, as they commanded passers-by to “stop and watch us”.

Fact is, it’s the worst going on first. Nobody wants to seem too eager, unless they are two local music reviewers, and often time becomes a misinterpreted concept when you’re in the festival mood. They started as scheduled, at 7pm, and with the slow wander from finishing a Friday shift, it meant that the audience just wasn’t ready to be pumped up.


Steven Minns, Ryan Gibbins and Chris Flynn, on the otherhand, were very much ready. Their performance was playful and energetic, with Minns cutting instrumentals with a casual kick or dance around the stage. Gibbins was all smiles, and all three shared themselves with the growing crowd, at one point declaring “thank you to the children” who were dancing around, never emptied of energy on a Friday night.

Truth is, this band deserved more from their crowd. Their songs are full of dance-tune beats with Minns’ appealing vocals cutting through in a hypnotic manner. When you first see them stood up on stage, you can’t imagine the intense power they deliver once the music begins; a collective of electric sound with penetrating beats and a modulated voice, igniting your feet to tap along.

To catch these guys performing, they are headlining the Outdoor Festival on Saturday, 20th September, at Red Sail on St Andrew’s Quay.

Also check out their Facebook page or give them a Follow on Twitter @Streaming_Light





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